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Dan Air Remembered has been online for almost ten years. The website has grown from very humble beginnings that saw us hosted by free web hosting companies like Of course these servers were adequate for a fledgling website. However, our site grew into an altogether different model. The site now has hundreds of pages and thousands of pictures. The website needed a more permanent home with a proper domain of its own. I bought the rights to a few years ago. Once more the hosting package was adequate, but as time went by the costs grew and grew. I had to make provision for extra bandwidth so that viewers had unlimited time on the site. The costs of the domain also grew over time. Bandwidth for those who don't know is, in its most basic definition, describes the level of traffic and amount of data that can transfer between our site, users, and the Internet. Each web hosting company will offer a maximum levels of bandwidth for their tiers of hosting packages. We needed A LOT!  Things came close to me calling it a day in September 2017 when the renewal fees came up. It was too much for one person to bear for what essentially a hobby. I mentioned this to the Dan Air people I knew - and as one might expect from Dan Air - They came up with the goods. We have managed to secure financing for another year. Our site is not here to make money - that was never the intention. One person maintains and designs this site - me! I have connections who answer the many technical Dan Air questions that come in. I forward emails to the many people who ask to get in touch with long lost colleagues or family. I alone do the updates on the directory. There is a lot of work to do. Like most people I don't have a bottomless pocket, and having soldiered along long enough, I was greatful when  several ex Dan Air staff decided that they would like to help keep the site going. This page is dedicated to them. They deserve a special mention. I have pleasure in thanking them in this special roll call. I give you our Dan Air Remembered Sponsors. If you would like to help with financing next years renewal Which is due in September 2018 - please get in touch
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