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Postcard use may now be a decreasing market, but that was not the case just a few years ago. Every possible business and town would have postcards for sale. Manufacturers also saw potential within the aviation world. Not only did people use them as they were intended, collecting them was a staple hobby of many people.  Airport shops nearly all had stands selling postcards. Charles Skilton led the market with their aircraft postcards. For just a few pennies a person could have a souvenir of their own flight. Enthusiasts not only of postcards, but aircraft could have full colour photographs of their favourite airline or aeroplane. Of course the high quality professional pictures would be superior to what the vast majority of people could achieve with their own cameras. Dan - Air, having such a wide variety of aircraft over a long period of time were featured very heavily as opposed to say Air Europe who, in the late seventies and early eighties had just one type of aircraft. The postcard manufacturers were also able to capture the changing colour schemes of the Airlines and offer such rarities as air to air shots, close ups of aircraft, aircraft taking off or landing and parked at airport aprons. Airlines were happy to assist companies and often sponsored the pictures themselves. Their popularity has waned now with new collectors preferring to download images to their computer hard drive. However, to the dedicated few, postcard collecting is interesting and worthwhile. The joy of finding an elusive, much sought after card must rate as high as a philatelist finding a Penny Black in a car boot sale. With that, we present to you some of the postcards that have been released over the years displaying Dan - Air aircraft. The usual applies, that if you have any postcards that we don't have you can scan them and send them to  or you can post them to the address on the contact page.


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