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Nord 262

The Nord 262 was originally designed as a potential replacement for the Douglas DC-3. The prototype first flew on 20 May 1959. Following design changes, a second prototype, known as the MH.260, took its flight on 29 July 1960. Eventually, wholly state-owned Nord Aviation  took over the further development of the aircraft. The new changes that Nord brought to the aircraft were a rounded, pressurized cabin and the new name - Nord 262. The new cabin design enabled the aircraft to carry between 24-26 passengers. The first prototype since the changes by Nord took to the skies for the first time on 24 December 1962. The aircraft received its certificate on 16 July 1964. It entered its initial commercial service with Air Inter of France that year. As for the American designation, the "Mohawk 298" airplanes were modified Nord 262s and first flew on 7 January 1975. Dan Air was the first UK airline to introduce the type to the British register. The French registered aircraft joined the fleet in 1970 for evaluation purposes. The type worked on the airline's Link City Network replacing the ageing DC3 but passenger resistance was high. In 1972, after just two years in service, the single aircraft was sold. The evaluation model having been returned previously. A year later Dan Air completed it's takeover of Skyways International Airways, and, with it, three HS748 aircraft. These suited the airline's operation much better and at last a replacement for the Dakota had, at last, been found. Throughout this section of the website we have endeavoured to find a photograph of each individual aircraft. There are thumbnail images of all the liveries the aircraft wore whilst with Dan Air, and in many cases, the prior and subsequent liveries with other operators. The thumbnail images can be enlarged by simply clicking on them.
Type: A

Serial Number: 40

Entered Service: 1970

Last Flown:1970

Obtained From: Manufacturer

Notes: Evaluation aircraft
Type: A

Serial Number: 29

Entered Service: July 1960

Last Flown: 22/02/72

Obtained From: Air Ceylon as 4R - ACN

Notes: Sold to Rousseau Aviation
1 comment

Mike Pitman
2018-02-25 06:13:42
It was previously 4R-ACL. (4R-ACN as above was the Trident 1E-140 G-AVYA intended for Channel but sold to Air Ceylon),
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