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We would like to give a special thanks to the engineering staff who worked so hard to keep Dan Air's aircraft flying safely. Dan - Air Engineering Ltd employed trained and people of the highest standards. Engineering is often overlooked by people interested in aviation. It's doesn't have the glamour that is associated with flying. But behind the grease and the grime lie people. Real people who were dedicated to their work. Carrying out large and small tasks. People who worked in the upholstery shop did so for almost thirty years. A company that was not good to work for would not command that loyalty! There is a company history here. Dan Air's 1400 engineering staff worked at Manchester Airport , Gatwick Airport and the main Lasham base. Not only were they responsible for the maintainance of Dan Air's upwards of 60 aircraft, but they were also entrusted with aircraft in the Bristish Midland, Air Europe and several Caledonian aircraft.


mike ward
2018-12-26 21:37:45
Gosh I recognise KEN HILLIAR 2nd row from from 4th one from left, He was our training manager at Smiths Industries 1980-1990
Lionel F S Clarke
2018-08-26 12:47:53
I joined Dan Air Engineering in January 1976, as the Plant Foreman, responsible for all the non-aircraft kit (buildings and plant) from B'ham to Scatsta. Plus the setting up of Hangar 4 at Manchester Airport for the overhaul and refurb of the 748 's, my immediate boss was Dickie Marrison, or Guy Ruffle, when we finished the hangar, we moved over to Southside. Obviously we worked a lot in conjunction with Lasham
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