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Flight Deck


We wanted to pay a special tribute to the men and women who flew Dan Air's millions of passengers during it's 39 year history. Thousands of people have worn the company uniform.  Several of Dan-Air's pilots at that time were women. The company was one of the first airlines in the World to emply female pilots. Throughout the website you will see pictures from the Deck and the Dan-Air Directory had several snapshots of Dan-Air flight deck crew at work. Many of the Flight Deck crew members who were trained on the Boeing 737 went onto fly for British Airways. All the others had to retrain on other types, find work with other airlines or even relocate to places where the types Dan-Air flew were operating. On this page, we present a snapshots of flight deck crew.


2018-09-22 23:10:12
Captain Russell Rooke
Captain BAC 1-11 Retired via Virgin A 340
Fiona Murphy
2018-07-20 22:04:38
My late father Jimmy, great pilot. Miss you lots dad. 💕💕💕
Tony Slaney
2018-01-21 17:01:40
Photo 12/22 Capt Joe Wright is in the left seat.
Photo 14/22 John Higgs in the left seat with Peter ...Can't recall his surname.

Tony 🙂.
Jerry Shall
2017-11-18 10:33:42
If anyone has the contact details of Pete Serna now retired but previously at Gatwick, I would be very grateful if you could pass on my details to him as I am trying to contact him. Many Thanks
Steve Codd
2016-10-28 16:15:43
Fantastic Lady with an interesting aeronautical background.
Sue Collington
2016-10-27 07:35:15
Would you please confirm receipt of my e-mail of 31 August with attached photos of my late father Captain George M Forman. Thank you.
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