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Bristol Freighter: DETAILS & FLEET LISTING

The  Bristol Type 170 Freighter was a British twin-engine aircraft designed  and built by the Bristol Aeroplane Company as both a freighter and  airliner, although its best known use is as an air ferry to carry cars  and their passengers over relatively short distances. It flew with Dan  Air from 1959. Only three aircraft joined the fleet and the last service  flew in 1970. That aircraft had was in  fact the very first of the type  to enter service. By the time the aircraft had left the fleet it would  have been considered very old. However it's front opening doors made  carrying large cargo easier and therefore useful. Although it wasn't the  prettiest of aircraft it did serve the company well. An interesting  fact about the power of the Bristol Freighter was that it had a thrust  of 1,476 hp in each engine. Compare that to Dan Air's Airbus A300, with  more than 61000hp in EACH engine!!!
Throughout  this section of the website we have endeavoured to find a photograph of  each individual aircraft. there are usually thumbnail images of all the  liveries the aircraft wore whilst with Dan Air, and in many cases, the  prior and subsequent liveries with other operators. The thumbnail images  can be enlarged by simply clicking on them.
Type: Mk.31

Serial Number: 12827

Entered Service :June 1957

Last Flown : 22/02/70

Obtained From : Aviation Traders Ltd

Notes: Sold to Lambair as CF-YDO in February 1970

Type: Mk.31

Serial Number: 13074

Entered Service :July 1959

Last Flown : 05/02/63

Obtained From : Napier Engines Ltd

Notes: Sold to Handley Page in exchange for two Airspeed Ambassadors

Type: Mk.31

Serial Number: 13250

Entered Service :31/03/58

Last Flown : October 1968

Obtained From : Napier Engines Ltd

Notes: Sold to Lambair Canada


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