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We will grant you that Dan-Air did not exactly take the world by strom when it entered the scheduled services market. The fact that they had made it at all is to be praised. The Air Traffic Licencing Board, the fore-runner to today's Civil Aviation Authority generally granted schedule routes to BOAC and BEA under the 'Provision One' rule. The Government in the UK preferred the two state run airlines to carry scheduled passengers. So it hardly surprising that Dan-Air could not count London Heathrow as its first service. It would be a short time before the airline would move to Gatwick and really get a chance at expansion.

The contract to operate from London Heathrow to Glasgow via Manchester was important to Dan-Air. Although it was a cargo only flight it did show the Air Transport Licencing Board that Dan-Air was a capable airline. UK Authorities were not alone in making life difficult for independent airlines. Blackbushe Airport was proving not to be adequate for a growing airline. In no small part because the runway passed a major road. A new home was sourced. The UK Government insisted that all none BOAC or BEA flights would have to operated from Gatwick when it opened to the public.

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