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The Airbus A300 is a short - to medium-range widebody aircraft. Launched in 1972 as the world's first twin-engined widebody and it was the first product of the Airbus consortium of European aerospace companies. The A300 ceased production in July 2007. In September 1967, the British, French, and German governments signed a Memorandum of Understanding to start development of the 300-seat Airbus A300. An earlier announcement had been made in July 1967, but at that time the announcement had been clouded by the British Government's support for the Airbus, which coincided with its refusal to back British Aircraft Corporation's (BAC) proposed competitor, a development of the BAC 1-11, despite a preference for the latter expressed by British European Airways (BEA). In 1972 the A300 made its maiden flight. The first production model, the A300B2, entered service in 1974. Initially the success of the consortium was poor, but by 1979 there were 81 aircraft in service. It was the launch of the A320 in 1981 that established Airbus as a major player in the aircraft market — the aircraft had over 400 orders before it first flew, compared to 15 for the A300 in 1972.
After the launch, sales of the A300 were weak for some years, with most orders going to airlines that had an obligation to favour the domestically made product — notably Air France and Lufthansa. At one stage, Airbus had 16 "whitetail" A300s – completed but unsold aircraft – sitting on the tarmac. Indian Airlines was the world's first domestic airline to purchase the A300. These have now been retired. Dan Air commenced operations with an A300 leased from Germany's Hapag Lloyd. She joined the fleet in April 1986. The leased model served for seven months. Her replacement also came from Hapag Lloyd but was purchased outright. The only other A300 the company flew came from Hapag Lloyd via Guinness Peat Aviation in 1988. By October 1990 the type had been withdrawn completely from the Dan Air fleet.  Although the trio of jets were used extensively on high density routes to the Spain and Canary Islands. It was decided that the type was simply too big for Dan Air's charter work. In March 2006 Airbus announced the closure of the A300/A310 line. Making them the first Airbus aircraft to be discontinued. The final production A300 made its initial flight on 18 April 2007 and was delivered on 12 July 2007. Throughout this section of the website we have endeavoured to find a photograph of each individual aircraft. there are thumbnail images of all the liveries the aircraft wore whilst with Dan Air, and in many cases, the prior and subsequent liveries with other operators. The thumbnail images can be enlarged by simply clicking on them.
Type: B4203

Serial Number: 169

Entered Service: 29/04/86

Last Flown: 15/12/86

Obtained From: Leased from Hapag Lloyd as D - AHLJ

Notes: Returned to Hapag Lloyd

Type: B4203

Serial Number:  009

Entered Service: 17/12/86

Last Flown: 07/12/89

Obtained From: Hapag Lloyd as D - AMAP

Notes: Returned to Hapag Lloyd

Type: B4103

Serial Number: 012

Entered Service: 23/08/88

Last Flown: 15/10/90

Obtained From: Hapag Lloyd via lease from Guinness Peat Aviation

Notes: Sold to Air Inter via GPA

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