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DH Heron

The de Havilland DH.114 Heron was a small, propeller-driven British airliner that first flew on 10 May 1950. It was a development of the twin-engine de Havilland Dove, with a stretched fuselage and two more engines. One hundred and fifty were built. Dan Air used just two of theses aircraft and they flew extensively on the "Link City Network" Which  they were particularly suited. They served a total of eight years with the company, and in fact one (G-ANCI) was returned after just one year of service. The version Dan Air operated was the Version Mk1b One of the early models with fixed undercarriage. The deficiencies that the aircraft displayed included the disproportionately heavy engines weighing more than 800lbs each this was hampered further by the relatively poor engine power with just 250hp from each of the Gypsy Queen engines. The later models did have retractable undercarriage but Dan Air's did not. This fixed undercarriage helped with easier maintenance but hindered overall flying performance and fuel consumption was a problem. The Herons in Dan Air's fleet seated 17 people in relative comfort with a central aisle in a two abreast configuration. Passengers found being able to stand upright and walk down the aisle appealing and the oversized windows were an added bonus for viewing the ground below. A further problem the type had was of balance. If passengers seated at the aft section of the aircraft boarded and sat down first; the aircraft was prone to tilt backwards and "sit" on its rear skid. Engineers got around this problem by adding a brace to the aircraft. Baggage was stored in an aft compartment with an additional smaller area in the nose. Throughout this section of the website we have endeavoured to find a photograph of each individual aircraft. there are thumbnail images of all the liveries the aircraft wore whilst with Dan Air, and in many cases, the prior and subsequent liveries with other operators. The thumbnail images can be enlarged by simply clicking on them.
Type: Mk 1b

Serial Number: 14002

Entered Service : 29/04/63

Last Flown : 27/09/65

Obtained From : Itavia - through Keegan Aviation

Notes: Was named "Plymouth Flyer"
Type: Mk 1b

Serial Number: 14043

Entered Service : June 1957

Last Flown : January 1958

Obtained From : Overseas Air Transport


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