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As mentioned in the previous page there are lots of people within an airline who we don't often see. In the case of ground crew people don't often even know what they do! Ground grew have an important role. If the airline has it's own ground handling facility then they look after their own, and often other companies departures. Dan Air had several outstations where they did just that. These included, Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Bournemouth,Bristol, Gatwick,, Glasgow, Inverness, Leeds/Bradford, Luton, Manchester, Newcastle and the Scottish Highlands. Dan Air ground crew chacked passengers in. Then they went airside to prepare the gate for departure. Liasing with the flight deck crew, cabin crew and the people who load the aircraft. They then prepare passengers for boarding. Taking boarding cards and checking passports. They are on hand to ensure disabled passengers and infants are boarded safely. They have prepared load sheets and hand over the passengers to the crew. They have many more duties - this is though, a brief resume of their career. If you wish to see your department reperesented here send us pictures and details

Above - The Travicom System Dan Air usedAbove: Reservations StaffAbove: Sales Team


New City Court

Kit Yardley
2019-01-21 12:22:44
Hi, I was Ops Assistant Controller from 1976 to approx 1980 when I left to join John Swindells at Scimitar Airways to gain Cargo Experience. Scimitar didn't last long and I then returned to DA Old Head Office Building, as Charter Flight Co-Ordinator, working with Jan Kercher, Kevin Stass and Richard MacAdam and the lovely Dawn. At the end I was Customer Services Manager. Dan-Air was a wonderful family which I still miss even today. I now live back in Christchurch - back to my roots!

Please add me to the directory.
Roger La Barrie
2018-04-27 00:05:41
I am Roger La Barrie and I was in Dan-Air Ops from 1988-1991 working with Chris Marks, Bob Willis, Stuart Eccles, Roy Boreham, Alan Forbes, Tuddenham etc. Can you put me on your 'people' directory please? Ops Controller
Paul Rose
2017-03-16 23:12:51
Just came across the site and it brought back so many emotions, mostly good ones but also asked so many questions; primarily...where is so an so...........???

I joined Dan in 1975 from school working in ops and crewing at Manchester before moving to LGW to undertake a crewing position.

Moved on 1979 and worked for Saudia, Birmingham European and Capital at Leeds before working outside the business.

Sorry to hear about the people that have passed on however, the memories will remain.

If Paul Plumridge is on this site please drop me an email and if anyone can tell me what ever happened to Rucky Lindsay ( as she was back in 1980 ..last contact),,,Cabin crew Dan LGW, then Laker and Virgin ?????..

Once again thanks for rekindling so many memories,

Paul Rose
Ops/Crewing Manchester and Gatwick
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