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Hi there,

Ragarding picture: I’m pretty sure the lady second from the right is Francesca Rea, she was check on several flights on the 737, I remember working with her on a Berlin-Flight with overnight-stop.
Also I’m pretty sure the other picture is Kathy Holmes (another check-Stewardess on the 737.  we had several flights together, and the "old man" on one of the pictures was the Flight-Captain, who complimented me as "A Kraut who could make better tea, than most…., very nice ;-)), but I can’t remember his name

I was with DAN-Air / Gatwick from 1987 'til 1990 and worked on the 737 and the BAC 1-11, later 737 and HS 748, remember well overnight stops and  flights to Tel Aviv, Luxor, Berlin, Zurich, but also our Class elite “shuttle service”: Gatwick-Charles-de-Gaulle-Gatwick-Charles-de-Gaulle-Gatwick
I’d love to get in contact with Francesca. Often wondered what became of her?
Thanks for your site, love to browse through from time to time. I still have many parts of my old uniform - including the “beloved” hat.
Katrin Schlee
Kropsburgweg 34,
76187 Karlsruhe
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