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ust been going through some old pictures and found some from my time at Dan Air. I started at Dan air in 1976 as a Mechanic at LGW and finished up as the Gatwick Hangar Manager until its closure.

I spent a long time as a travelling Mech on the 707 fleet and as a Duty Base Engineer on the Line at LGW. I’m in one of the photos on the Engineering page alongside one of the other Base engineers George Ford. Here’s some pictures taken during one of the 707 round the world trips, I think either 1977 or 78. I was the flying spanner.

Crew resting at Fishermans Wharf San Francisco, Capt Sport Martin, F/O Ron Outridge, E/O I think was Gerry Norgate. Poly Parrot the Navigator, Dilys Ruffle, Gail Taylor, &  Joan ??? part of the Cabin crew.

I know we drank at lot of wine that afternoon!!

As the Base engineer I had to turn a blind eye to some of the antics the engineers got up to on night shift. Brian Aylings shift (shift 4 I think) always had great parties at Christmas where all the food and drink came from I have no idea.
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