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First Name:  Jill

Surname:  Levison

Your Email Address:  jilllev2002@yahoo.co.uk

Base:  London Gatwick
Position With Dan Air:  Air stewardess

Types Flown:  Comet, 727, BAC 111

Starting Year At Dan Air:  1976

Leaving Year At Dan Air:  1978

Where Are You Now?:  Antibes, France

Tell Us About Your Time At Dan Air:  The time was full of fun and adventures and unscheduled night stops which caused chaos to my social life. I'm in the process of writing a novel based on my Dan Air experiences, and intend to post it on line in some form or another; possibly a monthly or bi-monthly blog. Perhaps it may be possible to publish it on this site too.

What Are You Doing These Days?:  I teach English to adults to pay the bills and do freelance journalism and commisssioned art work as well as dog-sitting for my friends.

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