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Title:  Mrs

First Name:  Janette

Surname:  Sinden (now Young)

Your Email Address:  janbeacroft@hotmail.com

Base:  London Gatwick

Position With Dan Air:  Cabin Crew No. 1

Types Flown:  HS 748, Comet, BAC 1-11, B727, B707

Starting Year At Dan Air:  1972

Leaving Year At Dan Air:  1981

Where Are You Now?:  Scotland

Tell Us About Your Time At Dan Air:  Great memories of Bernes on the 748, hot chocolate and Toblerone! Comet memories - bloomin' noisy and lots of drips! Wasn't keen on the 1-11 particularly the ones with seat back catering. LOVED the 707 and quite honestly life was never quite the same without TG and Spreadlegs. Best places visited? Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Trinidad, Nairobi (whatever happened to Michelle Sigg...? I remember a lion peeing all over her through the cage....) Great friends, great flight deck, great everything really.....

What Are You Doing These Days?:  Living by beautiful Loch Katrine, run a self catering holiday cottage called Letter Steading.

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