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Stephen Russell Andrews
Title: Mr
First Name: Stephen Russell
Surname: Andrews
Your Email Address:
Base: Manchester
Position With Dan Air: Cabin crew
Types Flown: B727 200 series / BAC-111 500
Starting Year At Dan Air: 1987
Leaving Year At Dan Air: 1988
Where Are You Now?: Working as a nurse. I now live in Macclesfield Cheshire
Tell Us About Your Time At Dan Air: I had a fantastic and exciting time. I remember the Base stewardess @ Manchester, her name was Diane Humpage. There's a lot of faces that I remember but unfortunately I can't remember their names! Peoples names that I do remember are Debbie Mc Govern, Malcolm Burrows, Steve Hutchinson Capt Julian Bond and Beryl Cowan - Check Stewardess. Boeing 727s and Bac 111 commonly known as the pocket rocket were great aircraft to work on. I would love to see where folks are now.
What Are You Doing These Days?: qualified nurse+
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