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Dan Air had seven accidents that involved the loss of life. This is not to make light of the tragedies. This section is here to inform people of the facts. You will see the incidents listed on the main menu by their location. As a matter of fact, two of the incidents were cargo aircraft, one a positioning flight involving a light aircraft and three involving fare paying passengers. The official reports are shown as links so you might wish to study these to gain a further understanding of the crash. The debate about these accidents has continued for years. There is no blame to be placed. Accidents are more often than not, a combination of many things, misunderstanding, poor communication, air frame fatigue, and simple bad luck. Things occur on aircraft from when they start that can not be mitigated. Weather, failure of a piece of equipment and human error all can play a part. We hope that you find this section of our site informative. It may also dispel some of the rumours that have flown around for many years.

anthony wood
Wednesday 15 Nov 2017
good old da
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