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The  Avro York was a British transport aircraft that was derived from the  Second World War Lancaster heavy bomber, and used in both military and  airliner roles between 1943 and 1964. Dan Air operated the type from  1956 until 1964. They were the last operator of the type in the World.  Altogether six examples flew in Dan Air colours. During the Berlin  Airlift, Yorks flew over 58,000 sorties – close to half of the British  contribution, alongside the Douglas Dakota and Handley Page Hastings.  During wartime years they also served as VIP transport aircraft. In the  post-war years, BOAC used Yorks on their Cairo to Durban service, which  had previously been worked by Shorts flying- boats. They were also used  by British South American Airways and by many independent airlines on  both passenger and freight flights. We have endeavoured to credit each  picture with it's owner where possible. There are thumbnail images of all the  liveries the aircraft wore whilst with Dan Air, and in many cases, the  prior and subsequent liveries with other operators. The thumbnail images  can be enlarged by simply clicking on them.
Type: 685 York

Serial Number: MW 185

Entered Service : March 1958

Last Flown : 20/05/58

Obtained From : Maritime Central Airways (Canada)  - EX RAF Machine

Notes: Damaged beyond repair in Luqa, Malta. A/C overran the runway and crashed into a wall.

CRASH REPORT HERE  (Opens in new window)

Type:  685 York

Serial Number: MW 226 - Manufactured 1946

Entered Service : February 1956

Last Flown : 25/05/58

Obtained From : Air Charter (Stansted) Ltd.

Notes: Crashed following engine fire in Guragaon India - 5 On board - 4 Fatalities - A/C is in Air Charter Colours

Type:  685 York

Serial Number: MW 143

Entered Service : (Purchased July 1954) Registered 18/01/55

Last Flown : 19/01/62

Obtained From : Ministry Of Defence (UK)

Notes: Scrapped at Lasham 1963

Type:  685 York

Serial Number: MW 149

Entered Service : (Purchased July 1954) Registered 18/01/55

Last Flown : 26/11/62

Obtained From : Ministry Of Defence (UK)

Notes: Scrapped at Lasham
Type:  685 York

Serial Number: MW 232

Entered Service : (Purchased July 54) Registered 30/10/56

Last Flown : 30/04/64

Obtained From :Ministry Of Defence (UK)

Notes:  To Lasham October 1964. Now preserved at Imperial War Museum Duxford Click the link to go the the website. (Opens in new window)

Type:  685 York

Serial Number: MW 258

Entered Service :  September 1956

Last Flown : 26/02/63

Obtained From : Air Charter (Stansted) Ltd

Notes: Scrapped at Lasham June 1963

Geoff Waldron
Thursday 20 Apr 2023
In 1960 or 1961, I was on a camping holiday with my parents along the south coast. One day, we went to Brighton & Hove (Shoreham) Aiport for a pleasure flight. As we drove on to the airport, I remember seeing 3 Avro Yorks (I think it was 3) parked side by side - probably being stored/scrapped. I cannot remember what airline they were, but I recall that the livery included the colour red and the word 'London'. Subsequent research seems to suggest that they would have been either 'Dan Air London' or 'Skyways of London'. Sadly, I have not been able to find any information or photos to throw any light on the matter, and I was wondering if anyone out there can help. Thank you.
Noel Catt
Thursday 22 Jul 2021
I was in the 8th Basingstoke Air Scouts the same time as Jim Minogue and remember ‘Doc’ Bittlestone very well. I was in Condor patrol and many a happy hour spent at Lasham and sleeping in the York. Eventually got my air glider pilots badge for assisted solo with Doc. Great times.
Edward John
Friday 14 Aug 2020
I have a nice photo that I took of G-ANTK being loaded at Ringway in 1963
if you would like to have it.
Roger Worsley
Sunday 24 May 2020
As MW226, G-AMUV was featured in the IWM/RAF flying safty film 'Flying with Prudence'.
Jim Minogue
Sunday 16 Feb 2020
When I was in the Air-Scouts around 1965-66 I had a summer camp at Lasham and we were allowed to sleep in bunk beds aboard a grounded Avro York. I remember the roof leaked, and we awoke the next morning to a stream of water running down the centre of the cabin. We also flew T21 gliders with open cockpits and side by side seating. If I remember correctly the instructor's name was Laurie Bittlestone. Does anyone else have any memories of this time?
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