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This is the most comprehensive history of Dan-Air anywhere online. We have collected masses of information and data to help tell the story of what was to be  Britain's largest independent airline. Each year is covered in chronological order explaining the struggles, triumphs and achievements of the company.  These pages are updated when new information comes to light, so check back regularly to see our progress. The research is extensive and comes from a wide range of sources. Thousands of newspaper articles have been sourced. Hundreds of quotes from staff, management, insiders, rivals, press and industry professionals. This has been years of painstaking work - I hope you enjoy the results.

The sections have been added in decade long blocks, with  a written assessment for each year.  It is always a demanding task locating information about events from as long ago as 65 years, so we apologise for any missing details or any minor inaccuracies. Should you recognise any errors or have anything you can share with us or add to the collection please get in touch here.

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