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Title:  Ms

First Name:  Anita

Surname:  Jensen

Your Email Address:

Base:  London Gatwick

Position With Dan Air:  Cabin Crew

Starting Year At Dan Air:  1988

Leaving Year At Dan Air:  1992

Where Are You Now?:  Brighton

Tell Us About Your Time At Dan Air:  I followed in the footsteps of my sister, Vivian Jensen, and joined Dan Air in 1988 initially on a six months contract. I had been granted unpaid leave from my current job as a medical secretary back in Denmark. After my initial 4 weeks training in Horley I was given my wings and qualified to fly on the BAC 1-11 and Boing 737 which I must admit was my favourite plane to fly on. Within a few months I was promoted to the rank of Number Two (person in charge of the bars). Although my intention had been to return to Denmark I decided to stay on in England as I was having so much fun. I did many of the flights to Norway as a Scandinavian Speaker. Some of these flights where I had my sister as my No. 1. The Scandinavian flights were always very busy and we sold so much alcohol and duty frees that I even won a few competitions for the highest selling bar. One of the prizes was a weekend in Paris! After just over 4 years of flying I decided to give it up and handed in my notice just 4 months before Dan Air was taken over by BA. I cannot say that I miss flying as I am lucky enough that my sister is still flying for BA and I have been on many amazing trips with her. Last one was seeing in the New Year in on a beach in the Maldives! Must admit I prefer to sit back in my seat, especially if it is in Club or First Class, and watch the hard-working crew whilst I am sipping my chilled glass of Champagne!  

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