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Cabin Crew

This section of the website pays tribute to the thousands of individuals who wore Dan Air uniform and worked as cabin crew. On this page we have featured one person in each of the company uniforms though the decades. There are hundreds more people and photographs listed and featured in the Dan Air directory, Many of the profiles in the directory have photographs of the person at work and how they are now. So it is worth checking it out. You can head straight for the DAN AIR DIRECTORY by clicking on the meu to your left. Other people, who we have not got an ID yet, can be viewed on the "Help Us Identify" page - you can go there by clicking here. Dan Air had thousands of Cabin Crew as many as a thousand at a time were employed, so we are aware that the directory task is huge. We will be happy to give you a profile page of your own. Get in touch and send us your story, and as many photographs as you want. All staff that are on the directory are on the same alphabetical page regardless of rank with the company. But they are listed in sections such as flight deck, enginerring and so on. The images on this page can be made much lager by simply clicking on them They will then open up in a new window. Please make sure you have enabled pop ups for this website.
Dan Air was always been at the forefront of fashion when it came to dressing it's flight attendants. Very early on in the company history ground crew, like the ones stood in front of the Heron aircraft wore the same uniform as the air stewardesses themselves, the only real difference was that ground crew did not wear "wings" sewn into the uniform. As the company developed the management made several attempts to distinguish more the ground and air crew. Suggestions ranged from wearing the same uniform in different colours to a totally different uniform. but each time the girls resisted the attempts.

Joan Murphy
Joan Murphy the company's first chief stewardess. wears the first company uniform which debuted in 1956. It is a navy blue jacket and hat with a pale blue dress. The uniform was worn until the early 1960's. It is shown below, minus the jacket. a bevvie of ground stewardesses pose in front . The look is completed with white gloves and belt.By the time the time the 1960's had arrived the company were looking at getting a new look. Whilst the starchy jacket and skirts remained new hats were featured!
The three stewardesses to the right are wearing hats from 1965 and 1966 respectively. By the time the time the 1960's had arrived the company were looking at getting a new look. Hem lines had risen and hairstyles became bigger.    

Two Dan Air stewardess are stood near the front steps of a De Havilland Comet. This supremely elegant creation lasted a year, before being replaced with a scarlet mini skirt number. That too was very short lived. After just eighteen months it  was replaced with a near identical blue suit once more, as can be seen below by Patricia Alverez on the left and Valerie Selby. Patricia wore an original red uniform flown from London to Berlin to mark the occasion of Dan Air's 20 year presence in the german capital's Tegal Airport in 1989

The mid seventies saw a red and black ensemble which complimented the fleet colours. Click to see full size

Penny Stevens on the left is wearing the 1975 - 1978 uniform. The uniform was designed by the house of Mansfield. Cabin Crew contracts indicated that the company were not responsible for providing shoes! This uniform made an appearance on the 1977 film 'Are You Being Served'. The aircraft, you might have guessed was a Comet and passengers are looked after by "Stewardess" Jennifer Granville, who was in fact an actress and not employed by Dan Air.  In 1978 plans were made to update the uniform and once again the House Of Mansfield was approached. They worked closely with Dan Air crews who had been invited to submit their own ideas.
The unveiling of the 1978 look took place in Summer and was christened "Mix and Match" Crew would always wear the hat and jacket. That didn't change with mood or climate. However crew were free to wear either trousers, a summer print dress in lemon, or blue skirt and lemon blouse combo. The blouse and dress featured Dan Air's compass and flag logo as it's print. Crew were issued with a knee length blue overcoat and black gloves. The ensemble was finished with a blue and lemon scarf. The hat was blue with lemon band. the look was widely praised and the basic colours stayed with Dan Air for the rest of it's history. Incidentally for those interested in the colour, as many were, it was officially "Cornflower Blue"

On the left, featuring once more, the mix and match of 1978. On the near left you can see the penultimate look for Dan Air girls. Complete with hat! The definative cabin crew look can be seen below with Robert Gilbraith and Katie Gentilli wearing the final uniforms. The Steward uniform was complimented by grey trousers and was worn from 1989 onwards. The hat was phased out in 1991. But can be seen here. It was missed by many. What staff were wearing at the time of the takeover is shown at the foot of this page. One crew member said she hated the hats. She says "Check stewardesses had binoculars that they looked out from the offices with. If they spied us opening a door minus a hat - we would be in or it!

Dan Air's last uniform came into use in 1990. The cornlower blue was retained for the skirt, jacket and overcoat. The blouse this time was white featuring a strong print in navy blue and red. This was to compliment the striking colours of the Dan Air fleet. The informality of the new look was bemoaned by some. Whilst the particular design of the hat wasn't missed. The actual wearng of a hat was popular. One crew said "I loved driving to the airport and walking around in my uniform. The gloves, the scarves, all of it! It made me feel so proud".

The Final Dan Air Uniform

Chris Potter
2018-03-08 11:09:31
Please can any one help me.

My wife Ros (Rosaline) Mcnaney was cabin crew flying out of Gatwick in the late 60 to 77

She was on the first all female flight featured by Blue Peter

Has any one got photos

Kind regards

2017-04-17 16:55:31
There isn't a Facebook page associated with this website. The site is more a nostalgic look back at Dan Air. I hope you enjoy the site though!!
Sally-Anne Keller
2017-01-20 16:04:35
I flew for Dan Air from 1978-1982. Do you have a Facebook page?

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